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Input Method Engine

An input method (IME) is an operating system component or program that enables users to generate characters not natively available on their input devices by using sequences of characters (or mouse operations) that are natively available on their input devices. More in Wikipedia.

IMEs are mostly used to type non-English languages in computer using an English keyboard.

IBus Engine

IBus (Intelligent Input Bus) is an input method (IM) framework for multilingual input in GNU/Linux operating-systems.

Varnam IBus Engine

Varnam has a IBus Engine to type Indian languages on GNU/Linux systems.


  • Customizable
  • Fast
  • Integrates with any GNU/Linux OS


  • Use number keys for selecting a suggestion quickly
  • Use UP/DOWN arrow keys to move over suggestions
  • Use ALT + ARROW UP/DOWN for moving between suggestion pages
  • Highlight a suggestion, press CTRL + DEL to unlearn that suggestion if it is in the dictionary

Learning Words

Varnam IBus Engine has in-built learning while you type. Here are the situations where Varnam IBus Engine will learn a word:

  • When you type a word and press spacebar
  • When you select a word from suggestions box
  • When you press a number key to select a suggestion