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Getting Started


Install Varnam

After installing varnam, you will need to enable Varnam IBus Engine for easily start typing on any app system-wide.

Setting Up IBus

Most GNOME systems are well-integrated with IBus by default.

If you’re not using GNOME, you will need to setup IBus. ArchLinux Wiki has good information on setting up IBus:

IBus setup might be a bit tricky in KDE. It can be easily setup in ArchLinux by installing ibus-input-support.

Enabling Varnam IBus Engine

  • Go to System Settings -> Region & Language
  • See the section Input Sources
  • Click on + button
  • Search for “Varnam”
  • Choose your language to add
  • Go to IBus Settings -> Input Method tab.
  • Click “Add” Button
  • Choose your language and click “Add” button

That’s it! You can now switch input method using mouse by clicking on the icon in system tray.

You can also choose a keyboard shortcut to easily switch input methods. The default key-combo is Meta Key (Windows Key) + Space

You can find tips and more information about Varnam IBus Engine here.


Install for Mac


Coming Soon…